Books-2-Nigeria Project

The sums are fairly simple:
£2,000 will allow us to ship 2,000 books.
£4,000 will allow us to ship 20,000 books.

Last year we achieved so much.

This year we want to continue our good work in helping the less privileged. We want to embark on providing 20,000 books, to be distributed to as many as 25 schools (Primary and Secondary) located in remote areas, many of which cannot afford much-needed textbooks. The books will cover literacy & numeracy, reading, writing, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and teaching materials. The impact on these young lives is immeasurable.

Find out more about our Books-2-Nigeria project here.

Our first year’s achievements

Last year (our maiden year) we achieved so much with support from all of you. To summarise, we did a complete refurbishment of 7 classrooms between our two adopted primary schools, installed and commissioned a community borehole, donated over 500 exercise books, 180 textbooks and much other stationery. To cap our achievement, we are currently sponsoring ten children.

Not a bad start, considering we are a very small charity with only 4 Trustees, one treasurer but (thankfully) many volunteers. We use 100% of our raised funds on our cause and do not pay ourselves a salary. As well as the time and effort we invest to execute each project we also make our own financial contributions towards each project.

This year we want to continue our good work in helping the less privileged, so we will be launching our Books-2-Nigeria project.

London Marathon Walk – 23rd September 2017

Finish Line

This is the best part of the race… this is when the excruciating pain of the last 6.2 miles fades, this is when you can finally say “WE DID IT”, I did it… You have to experience it to understand it.

It is such a big deal, and I am well proud of myself for completing it…

At the … “Start of the Race” …

This was at the beginning of the race when we three solo
marathon walkers set out our strategy. Pretty much the blind leading the blind since none of us had walked a marathon before.

Here we go … For 20 miles we joked, we laughed, we sang, danced and talked like pros… about TV, cinema, sports and hobbies… Then the wheels almost fell off at 22 miles… This was the time to dig our heels in… it was not funny anymore… this was no longer a walk in the park… but a slog on the tarmac… This is when you start to see stars… When you feel your heels are on fire, your knees buckling at every step… A Chimp Paradox… Will I make it to the finish line?…

Middle of the race…

We had a great time, the weather was great, and London sightings worth our while… from walking through Whitehall garden, along the Regent Canal, through London Zoo, walking down the Mall, around Buckingham Palace and being a first timer on the famous wobbly Millennium Bridge… it was a very interesting day spent raising funds for a worthy cause.

Dreams do come true

I have always wanted to take part in some Marathon of some sort… so proud I did it for my very own charity… Bhamuson Foundation…

My Pride & Joy

Funds Raised

Total Fundraised = £1,942.20
Gift Aid (Potential) = £361.55
Grand Total = £2,303.75

My Marathon statistics

Miles = 26.2 miles
Pace = 12:31 min/km
Position = 271 (Total 800)
Time = 9:13:19 (3 breaks)




Our second project

At Adeta Primary School, we will again be making repairs to the structure of the building and to the plumbing, replacing furniture, providing educational supplies and decorating, but on a larger scale. We will be revamping all 6 classrooms.

The estimated budget is £8,000 (N4,000,000).

Our first project

Our first project has been the refurbishment of the junior block of the African Church Central School, in Onibuku Ota, in Ogun State in Nigeria.

A number of schools were visited before we chose to work with this one.

This decision was not hard to make, as the school was in a very dilapidated state…

…The walls were blackened from overuse, the roofs and ceilings were in disrepair.

…The floors were broken concrete at best, the rest just bare dirt.

…The blackboards, desks and chairs were in an equally poor state.

Find out more about this project here.


Welcome to our new website.

Here you will be able to find out about The Bhamuson Foundation and the projects we are supporting in Nigeria. We hope to have regular updates with progress from our projects, feedback from the children in the schools, and details about how you can support us and help these wonderful kids.