Chairs & Desks Fund

The aim of this Fund is to replace and provide chairs and desks in schools that are lacking these facilities. We believe that to encourage the children to learn, every child needs the use of a chair and desk.

In many of these schools the children do not have the use of chairs and desks; they are forced to sit on the floor for the whole day. Unfortunately the classrooms which do have chairs and desks are in a poor state, mostly broken up, missing legs, or are using makeshift materials such as plastic crates and planks of wood.

The Foundation aims to provide chairs and desks for those who lack them, and completely replace the broken chairs and desks with new ones. They will be sourced locally and made from wood as that tends to last longer and is more suitable in the classroom environment. The furniture will be labelled with the school’s name as well as branded with the charity’s name (Bhamuson Foundation).

Donations made to this fund would be used solely to purchase new chairs and desks for the children. A desk and a long bench which will seat about three children, would cost approximately N6,000 (£12).

For further details please contact us here.