School Refurbishment Fund

The aim of this Fund is to enable the Foundation to carry out some much needed improvement to the overall appearance of the classrooms in dilapidated schools.

The general infrastructure of the classroom buildings in many schools is in a poor state. In some schools, the zinc roof sheets are very old with holes in them, which when left unaddressed has caused holes in the ceilings due to rain water. This allows rain water to leak into the classrooms on rainy days and the direct sun rays to overheat the classroom and sometimes causing burns to the children on very hot and sunny days. The windows and doors are also no stranger to this horrific state. Most of them are broken and worn down, which allows rain to get into the classrooms too.

The floors of most of the classrooms are, at best, broken concrete and dirt (sand) which is unhealthy. In some classrooms there are no blackboards for the teachers to write on. Most internal/external walls are in need of repainting to brighten the classrooms up.

The Foundation aims to carefully select schools and assist in carrying out repairs, which will provide a clean and more conducive learning environment for the children. The main repairs will include the following: Roofing & Ceiling replacement, Window and Doors replacement, re-plastering/repainting of internal/external walls, repairs to the veranda and re-laying the concrete floors.

Cash donations to this fund would be used to carry out the necessary refurbishment of the selected school. However, the Foundation also welcomes the donation of building materials such as concrete, zinc roofing sheets, paints etc.

For further details please contact us here.