Adeta Primary School, Ilorin, Kwara State

For our second project we have selected the next school to be refurbished: Adeta Primary School, Ilorin, Kwara State.

At Adeta Primary School, we will again be making repairs to a school block of six classrooms, replacing the roofing sheets, the ceiling, windows, flooring and painting of internal & external walls. In addition we will be replacing broken chairs and Desks, and providing educational supplies.

But our first priority was to provide a source of water, not just for the school but for the surrounding community. We commissioned a borehole in June 2017.

The classroom ceiling and roof need replacing.

Another classroom requiring replacement ceiling and roof sheets.

This was the second phase of our renovation project – Roof and ceilings in October 2017.

Complete renovation of the classroom.

The walls of the classroom needs painting to brighten up the classroom for the children.

Replacement of windows.

Replacement of windows.

External painting of the block required.

Windows need replacing.

This classroom is in need of new chairs and desks for all 60 children.

The flooring on the veranda needs repairs, including the windows.

School veranda in need of repairs.

The third phase of our renovation project was to re-plaster the walls and repair the flooring, which we completed in November 2017.

The project is now completed…

Appreciation from the kids themselves… this project has been a complete success and worth our while…