Adeta – Borehole water project, June 2017

This school and the surrounding community had no source of drinking water… Very few came to school with water bottles, and even those who had water bottles were unable to refill their bottles when they ran out of water.

Many came into school without a drop of water… Not so bad during the raining season, but with temperature soaring to over 35ºC in the summer… they not only need water for drinking but for cooling down too…

When we visited the school back in March 2017, this became our top priority…

The intention is for this borehole to serve not only the school but the surrounding community. Hence it was agreed to position the borehole at the front of the school for easy access. It is also great to know that water will now be easily accessible for the kids.

Finally, the Water Project Commences….

A surveyor testing where to locate the borehole.

Construction phase

The workers did a brilliant job during the construction phase. It was swift, efficient and extremely professional. The job was completed on time, with minimal hiccups… All the workers understood it was for the good of the whole community…

The borehole drilling machine positioned and the sections of the 65m shaft being loaded…

The children obviously enjoying the view.

Finished Borehole Hand Pump

The completed borehole has now been commissioned. Before it was first used, an opening ceremony by a prominent person in the community was performed where prayers were said and appreciation of the community to everyone who sponsored the project.

The commissioning was performed by Prof Saka Nuru (wearing a white agbada).

Great to see the first water drawn from the pump being taken by the children.

First part of the Adeta project completed.
Thanks to everyone for their generous donations.

Installation Costs

Geological Survey = N25,000
Drilling 65m deep = N270,000
Hand Pump = N200,000
Basement = N65,000
Photograph = N10,000
Bhamuson plaque = N26,200

Grand Total = N596,200
Approximately = £1,240
(Exchange rate £1 = N481)

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