The sums are fairly simple

£2,000 will allow us to ship 2,000 books.
£4,000 will allow us to ship 20,000 books.

In 2018 we want to continue our good work in helping the less privileged. We want to embark on providing 20,000 books, to be distributed to as many as 25 schools (Primary and Secondary) located in remote areas, many of which cannot afford much-needed textbooks. The books will cover literacy & numeracy, reading, writing, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and teaching materials. The impact on these young lives is immeasurable.

In 2017 we bought 180 books from Books2africa, (read our report here), which we distributed between our two adopted schools and one secondary school – see the picture above. The school gave us a stupendous welcome as the children looked on in awe.

This is one of our completed classrooms which desperately need educational materials. We are hoping your annual contribution, (Sadqa Jariya), to the good work of the charity makes it worth your while as you fully understand how and where your money is being utilised.

We are a very small charity with only 4 Trustees, one treasurer and many volunteers. We use 100% of our raised funds on our cause and do not pay ourselves a salary. As well as the time and effort we invest to execute each project, we also make our own financial contributions towards each project.


We will be looking for volunteers between August and October to assist in selecting and packaging our books from the warehouse at Canterbury. If anyone is interested please use our contact form to ask for further details.

If you want to make a financial contributions, see our Donate page.

We would love to do this again!!!!